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The Role of Accountants in startup success

Starting a new business is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. There is so much to think about and do to establish a legally compliant business that will generate an income. Fortunately, some key elements can easily be outsourced, allowing you more time to focus on establishing your brand, building your customer base and selling your products or services. One such element is outsourcing your finance needs to reputable accountancy firms in Rushden.

Choosing accountancy firms in Rushden

Establishing a startup business will require a significant financial commitment. Business cases seeking investment, such as those for business loans, will require a solid cash flow forecast. Financial records must be created, maintained and reported on a specific schedule, and if any employees have been recruited, PAYE and NI payments will need to be made on their behalf.

This level of financial management can quickly take a new company director away from the day job of running the business, so outsourcing financial management can not only keep a new business legally compliant but also allow efforts to be directed into establishing and making a success of the business.

What can accountants in Rushden help a startup with?

There are a number of transactions that accountants in Rushden will perform on behalf of a business in order to maintain its financial integrity and legal compliance. These include but are by no means limited to:

1) Forming and valuing the business

A qualified accountant will discuss the business with its managing director to establish the most appropriate trading vehicle for the business and support them in forming a Limited company where this is deemed to be the most tax-efficient entity type.

2) Tax

An accountant is ideally placed to advice on personal and corporate tax requirements, including the preparation of all necessary tax returns for the business and its director. They can also provide tailored advice on the most effective form of remuneration for the director and any shareholders.

3) Accountancy

The bread and butter of the trade, accountancy is the process by which financial statements are prepared for the business, allowing directors, stakeholders and investors to understand the cash flow forecast and current financial position of the business. Also covered under this heading is the submission of accounts to HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House and the management of all statutory requirements associated with the submissions.

4) Bookkeeping and VAT

Depending on the needs of the company director, this service can be tailored to provide manual or computerised financial records, analyses of profits and expenditure, and the preparation of quarterly VAT returns.

5) Payroll

Once a business employs its first employee, its director assumes significant responsibilities, including contributing to employee tax and National Insurance payments, submitting annual returns and preparing P11ds, P14s and P60s.


Outsourcing the financial management of your startup business to a reputable accountancy firm can improve the planning, control and reporting of your cash flow, allowing you to become more effective in the daily running of your business. Starting up a new business will consume your free time and money, so employing professionals to keep you financially and legally compliant is a wise and valuable investment.

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